Hi, this is Ivan, your male captain for waterpolo. Waterpolo is a sport played in water, (obviously) and requires 7 players and 6 subs. Each match is divided into 4 sets, each set lasting between 5-7 minutes. So far, Seladang has only managed to get 7 players, and we definately need more players (about 3-6). Anyone who won't drown MUST come for waterpolo training. Lifeguards will be on duty so don't worry. :) If you would like to read more about this sport, please go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterpolo

I also encourage those who want to attend waterpolo to attend Seladang swimming training as we also need swimmers for swimming gala.

Training schedule to be confirmed…. sorry :P

This is a list of the people (Boys only) that have joined so far:

Name Class
Jude Peters 4 Sc 1
Keshava 4 Sc 2
Ivan Wing 3 Cemp
Daniel Lim 3 Cemp
Teh Gao Jye 3 Cemp
Gabriel Tham 3 Aer
Erich Lim 2 Terra

The girls list will be posted soon by Hsu Yin.

Please email me at ym.ude.akapmec|11gniwnavi#ym.ude.akapmec|11gniwnavi or ask me in school if you have any questions or wish to join waterpolo. Thanks! :D


Number of Players In House Team:
•Maximum of 10.
•7 players playing at any one time, unlimited rollover substitutions.

•League System
•2 halves of 10 minutes (running time), with a 5-minute break.
•Must use proper swimming attire and water polo caps. Bermuda shorts are not allowed.

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