Hello there! This is Gao Jye ur tennis captain here =) As u all know, we won tennis last year and will win again this year =D Hopefully…….

Okay. This is roughly wat will happen during games carnival:
- Guys singles
- Guys doubles
- Girls singles
- Girls doubles
- Mixed doubles

The best of 3 matches WINS!!!!!! Easy? No? =)
We roughly need about 3-4 guys and girls
Anyone who can at least hold a racket must come for tryouts -_-

Here's the list of names of the people hu signed up. Tell me if any of the info is incorrect:

Daniel Lim (3 Cempaka)
Ivan Wing (3 Cempaka)
Malayandi (2 Cempaka)
Kanendra Kumar (3 Cempaka)
Stanley (Year 8)
Ramanathan (3 Cempaka)
Yeunh Wen Xin (3 Terra)
Jian Hansha (Year 7)

Audrey Ong (4 Science 1)
Priyangkha Alegesam (4 Science 1)
Jacqueline Ho (4 Science 1)
Alexis Lee (4 Science 1)
Joanne Ng (5 Science 2)
Ong Wen Ping (Year 8)
Diyana (3 Terra)
Michelle Wing (1 Cempaka)
Jane (5 Science 2)
Jillian Teoh (3 Aer)
Erika Loh (3 Aer)

Any1 can still join. Find me or Andrea in school if u want to know anything else. Selections will be held soon and will be posted up as soon as Andrea finds a court =)


Number of Players In House Team:
•Maximum of 10

Play is in the following order, where possible. (However, this may be changed in the interest of keeping
tie going as quickly as possible):
-Boys’ Singles
-Girls’ Singles
-Boys’ Doubles
-Girls’ Doubles
-Mixed Doubles
•Each match is played up to 8 games, with a minimum 2-game advantage to win.
•Each player may play a maximum of 2 matches (one singles and one doubles) in a tie.
•The first house to win 3 matches wins the tie. After the tie is won, remaining matches (if any) need
not be played.

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