Seladang squash!!

Hello people! i'm Edward, your squash captain for this year, get ready to rock and roll.

last years results!
1st: Harimau
2nd: Helang
3rd: Seladang*
4th: Beruang

Lets hope this year is gonna be better :)
As you all know, squash is on the first day so we need to practice and…. more practice :D
I Currently need more people to sign up for squash, at least one more.

Update: Training for squash will be held somewhere in feb, most probably during the holidays.

People who signed up:
1. Kuah
2. Jian
3. Umar.
4. Kabilesh.

E-mail me if you have any questions or enquires.
E-mail: moc.liamtoh|ht92noisolpx#moc.liamtoh|ht92noisolpx

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