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  • I've done my first draft of this script. Only Alexis and I have seen this script. Once the script is finalised, casting for the male lead will commence. Then, we can start screenwriting and shooting. - SienYi
  • Sien Yi, I like the idea, but the script really is kinda cheesy. Alexis
  • That's why I've looked at it again. And sort of trimmed corners here and there. I really want a story that is honest. And the difference between cheesiness and honesty is the execution, so this plot seriously relies on a very good 'child' actor. I've passed the script to Jack and David but they have not told me anything about it yet. Ok, so, what can we do to make the script less cheesy but still preserve its honesty? - SienYi
  • What if we have a stronger, less blubbery male character?? One that can accept his fate?? Instead of him being all *Sob sob die die* kind of thing. Let it be the female character who is more…erm…wimpy??? (P.S. Is the "There is someone going to die" idea overused already?) Alexis
  • Well, it's usually the strong male and the weaker female so I thought a role reversal would be fresh (and realistic considering that it's a much younger male). Hmm… if the male can accept his fate, what's the use of him calling randomly? (P.S. The idea of death is usually inevitable, since only with death can one appreciate life, and thus, the tear-jerking). - SienYi
  • I was thinking along the lines of, he 'just wants to be remembered' sort of thing. I think that would be a little more believable? How much is the age difference, exactly? Between the male and the female? Alexis
  • I believe we have done the 'just wants to be remembered' last year! So this year is 'just wants to say goodbye before it's too late'. And the age difference… well, it's up to the judges to interpret, but does it really matter? - SienYi
  • Right. I forgot we did that last year. I just find it hard to sympathize with the male character for some reason. And I think if its hard for me to do that its going to be hard for the audience to sympathize as well. Is there any way we can make the plot hit somewhere closer to home? Alexis
  • It's really hard to sympathize with anyone in 3 minutes, that's for sure! But tell you what, it's hard to sympathize with a character from text. If you look at a script from a tear-jerking scene in a real movie, it really does sound cheesy! That's until it's acted out, with music. I've edited the script to make it shorter and to make it sound more believable, so I guess you should see that first. Or maybe, I'll change the paragraph in the climax altogether. - SienYi
  • Ok, the script for Tear-Jerker went through its third major edit. This time with I added more depth to the on-screen character by specifying her actions and the surroundings around her. I went through a dry run in my head and apparently, it is just a few seconds under 3 minutes! (Although I still would like it to be safer) - SienYi


  • I've just about finished my initial draft of the HorrorSilk. It's 3 pages long, which according the rules of thumb of moviemaking where 1 pagee = 1 minute of screen-time, it should be alright. But I'm trimming corners just in case (plus there's one expendable scene if we run over-time but less tension is built). This 'story' has a VERY abstract plot mind you, and really leaves it up to the viewers' imagination what the plot means…- SienYi
  • Share it. Send it. Somehow. Alexis
  • I'm gonna show some of the seniors first since we have extra class tomorrow. By the way, I was modelling the plot for my old house in Damansara Jaya, and when I mean old I mean, very old. (It's not abandoned, my cousins live there now. If it was vacant I would be too freaked out to shoot it there!) - SienYi
  • Horror Script is more or less confirmed! We'll check with David to see whether his house is suitable for the script. If not, then it's my old house. Then, we cast the three characters, plan our crew members, and then we're ready for shooting! - SienYi
  • Boss send me the script so i can give my opinions or add a few ideas and stuff. and i'll give you my script tomorrow during extra class. - khalilul


  • I heard that the Comedy people are going to do a brainstorming session soon? - SienYi
  • Ok, people, apparently we are still not having that perfect gag for Comedy. So, come on and contribute some ideas and breathe life to this. Remember that you can have as many actors/actresses as you like here to fill up the quota because Horror and Tear-Jerker require very few. Also, note that we should try to avoid slapstick as much as possible since it's adult judges we're aiming for (try British or deadpan humour). I know it's inherently funny but no vulgarities either! Lastly, remember that the title is SILK, so we have to tie the sketch back to the concept of SILK. - SienYi
  • My idea is kinda lame, but really all i can think of. I was going through some of the British comedy scenes on YouTube and came upon this video, . It's funny if you can get their jokes. The Dad loses his screwdriver and finds out that his sons destroyed it. You have to watch it. I can't really explain it. I was thinking that we put somebody that can act with an indian accent as the Dad and he loses a piece of Silk instead of the screwdriver. The sons show him that that silk had been destroyed and cut up. It's basically a whole scene with him scolding them and the sons just having a laugh about it. We could have like 3 or 2 sons. One could be a bimbo, one could be a british-accented guy and one more could be anything. There's also the role of a housekeeper we could put in. The housekeeper should definitely be a guy or maybe 2 guys . I was thinking jude and david cause they would look so alike, but its your call Sien Yi. Its all I can think of actually. - Shahzan
  • haha.. i like the idea shahzan. I'm More leaning toward 'The Kumars at number 42' Feel to the movie. .So yeah that basically it. I'm in favour for an indian Feel of comedy. khalilul
  • i like the idea we coined up during the meeting though… the silk shop that sells everything BUT silk… haha it's kind of dumb though… but the subtitles thing we discussed was hilarious! i can imagine kesh doing the scene! :D heehee cat
  • This came off the fly when I was talking to David. In the vein of British Monty-Python-esque humour, a talk show host with a very low-budget set interviews a 'Silk Advocate' who claims that silk can save the world. When asked different scenarios on how silk will save the world (i.e. saving petrol, cutting down on electricity, stop global warming, patch up the ozone layer), the Silk Advocate replies with absolutely ridiculous solutions (with equally ridiculous video clips to support his ideals), all with a deadpan face (Jack Jacobs!). And it can end with a nuclear bomb. - SienYi
  • the ending is rather abrupt i think… sort of like the writers didn't know how to end it properly… but it'll be interesting to see what the solutions are! - cat

General Discussion

  • I've upload some ideas on files so please give you suggestion or comment. note its a draft. and use Microsoft office to open the file. cherio khalilul
  • Khalilul, you do know that the movies do not have to be related to Casino Royale right? - SienYi
  • Yeah i know. Checked the rules before i began this venture of mine. I just did this to get better ideas from everyone including myself. Need to bounce ideas off man. Hey The First one. the one with the romance/sadness story in it. what u think? khalilul
  • Unfortunately it's not tear-jerking enough. A betrayal affair is more of malicious than touching. I'm trying to avoid romance as much as I can as it is difficult to act it out on-screen convincingly; it'll look very campy. - SienYi
  • I've just had a weird idea for Comedy. We could have some sort of movie where a 'limited edition silk (scarf?)' is involved and is much sought after, so the movie can revolve around two shopaholics (preferably women) who go great lengths to buy it. (so maybe in the middle of the movie we could show their crazy antics), and in the end neither of them get the scarf and it turns out a guy (preferably someone who can pull off a sissy disposition) has already gotten his hands on it. The movie ends with both ladies attacking the poor guy. Yeah….haha XD - Ji Lian
  • thats not bad! haha! but I think we're trying to avoid doing a slapstick comedy… more british humor -Cat
  • nono that's not what i meant. Not slapstick!! I mean, the two ladies go great lengths to get the silk scarf like uhh….setting up bizarre traps for each other or trying to trick each other and stuff like that. heheh - Ji Lian
  • I LIKE YOUR IDEA, JI LIAN!!! XD I can actually picture it in my head. - Alexis
  • Ah… Can anyone combine the traps idea with the Indian ideas we seniors discussed much earlier? Apparently David Peters has a script already but I have not seen it yet. Ji Lian, why not you make your script for your idea and e-mail it to me (Although I might not reply it soon. Again, I'm posting from my cousin's house). - SienYi
  • EHH NICE HAHA! so how to merge! how about making the indian shop owners fight over customers? or the helpers in the shop fight over customers in one shop? or maybe just the customers fighting with each other. LOL -cat
  • Just came back from my vacation….Do I still have to make a script or is David going to incorporate traps with Indian shop owners and make his own script? And out of curiosity…why INDIAN shop owners? I'm a tad bit worried points might be deducted for racism…..if there IS racism that is….eheh. - Ji Lian
  • Not really racism. It's because our main comedic actors are Indian. And technically, accents are inherently funny (no offense). Just look at how many radio and TV ads use this method to grab the viewer's attention. And Ji Lian yes, please make your own independent script. Right now, I still have no script, only ideas floating around. - SienYi
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