This page is reserved for ideas about making the lines in the script live on screen. This includes camera-work, lighting and acting. Everyone sits on their share of the Director's chair!



Okay, we need one female lead character who can portray emotions of tension and fright (and preferably slightly afraid of the dark!). If you'd like to volunteer for this role, post away! If you know a Seladang that can fit this role, post away too! It'd be great if it was a F3 or lower so that we can fill up the quota faster. However, please suggest wisely and not just for the sake of getting someone you like to act on screen. We can't waste time anymore as I would like to start shooting this weekend.

If you've been suggested, and are interested in doing this, go ahead and tell us! If you really don't want to act for this movie, please tell us too. Also, tell us when you're free if you'd like to volunteer.

P.S. I have ideas for the antagonist and the supporting actor, I will confirm with them whether they are free.

  • Suggestions? By the way, Alexis and Audrey have been suggested by Cat. - SienYi
  • Boss can i take the role of the antagonist? haha.. anyways. I suggest Anis for the female role and Afiq for the supporting role. Cause both of them remind me of Wendy and Danny from the shining. Also they have that look that the audience can relate to. from my perceptive. -khalilul
  • I feel that Liyana might be good as the female role. She really could show that horrified and freaked out look very well. And for Anis as the lead. Hahaha. I think if she really is serious about it then she could be the lead. -shahzan
  • Khalilul, I was actually thinking of you as the antagonist! Because the body language is extremely important. Hmm… Anis, Liyana… we have a lot of F5s don't we? But if it's good then OK. Yes, I was thinking of Afiq or Wei Lik as the supporting role. Hmm… - SienYi
  • I don't mind volunteering but I agree that there are quite a lot of form 5 students already. Anyway, just to let you know that I would like to volunteer if needed :) I guess I'm pretty free during weekends. - Andrea
  • Boss, Do you want me to wear a suit like the picture ?- khalilul
  • I think Liyana is a good choice for the horror movie. =) P.S. Wei Lik isn't very scary…at all. Afiq's more like it. Alexis
  • I agree with Alexis that Wei Lik indeed isn't scary, he has too much sarcasm. Edward
  • Afiq is in Horror now. I'm posting from my cousin's house (my old house). They'll be coming over in 3 hours time. - SienYi
  • Booooooo~ Alexis and Edward, watch out. I'll haunt u guys…-Wei Lik
  • Don't wooorrry Wei Liiiiikkkk. You can star in the comedy film. XD - Alexis


  • I don't mind volunteering, its kinda interesting doing the tear-jerker :D and im kinda free next week, wed till sun, FAME won't be a prob there, ill fill up the schedule. Edward
  • Volunteering myself for any of the 3 movies. :) - Tyen
  • Same as Tyen. - Alexis


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