This page is reserved for ideas on the editing phase of the movie. Any ideas on how the colour or effects should be on the movie are welcome here.


  • Ok, I've just tested recording to tape and it works well! 16:9 aspect ratio. And I realise that my VLC player plays the movie in 4:3 because I did not change the aspect ratio setting on the player. Yes, it's perfectly 16:9! - SienYi


Director - SienYi

Sister - Liyana
Brother/Afiq - Afiq
The Man With the Silk Head - Khalilul

Resource Management - Mohamed Shahzan (in layman's terms: person who helps cast and call people)

Script - SienYi

Camera - SienYi

Lighting - Malayandi

Props - Andrea, Nazmin, Malayandi, Khalilul, SienYi

Location - SienYi

Editing - SienYi

Sound - SienYi (Assistants - Khalilul, Liyana)

We have filled the quota for F5s, fit one F2 and one F1.

  • Anyone I missed out? However minor your role, it still deserves a place in the credits. - SienYi
  • Can i help out with the editing in any way? I intend to do as much editing as possible for imovie. hehe. - Ji Lian
  • If you know how to fix some grainy clips from low light, then you'd be of big help! But you have a fairly big job to do. I'll tell you tomorrow in school. - SienYi
  • Well to tell you the truth, I'm better in editing than I am with the camera, so I think I can probably help you there. Why so grainy anyway? Are you talking about the raw footage or the edited footage? - Ji Lian



Director - Ji Lian

Cast (in order of appearance)
Shop Assistant - Jack Jacobs
Easily Offended Customer - Teh Gao Jye
Shop Manager - Jude Peters
Tamil-speaking Customer - Keshava
Random Customers - SienYi, Catherine Woo, Ji Anne, David Peters, Ivan Wing, Jian Hansha
Calculator Dude - Tyen How
Commercial Voice - Alexis Lee
Couch-potatoes - Yeoh Hsu Yin, David Peters, Daniel Lim

Script - SienYi

Cinematography - Ji Lian, SienYi

Location and Props - Nazmin

Visual and Sound Editing - Ji Lian, Wen Ping

Editing Supervisor - SienYi

Music - SienYi

Special Thanks - Andrew Yee, Malayandi and Ramanathan for appearing and contributing on set although their scenes did not appear on the film.

  • Sien Yi, I need some voice-overs for certain parts of the movie, and I believe that some parts of the film have been missed out….I'm going to improv when I edit for certain parts to have it make sense, but I need you to see the outcome just in case - Ji Lian
  • I'm starting to think that Alexis should do the voice-over. I'll get her to do it as soon as possible. Remember you still have to Photoshop a 'Commercial Screen' and After-Effects it on the TV. Missing parts? I thought we kept track of our shots on set? Which parts then? - SienYi
  • Missing parts as in where Jack says "sorry, that discount expired 15 years ago" and "welcome to our-" at the calculator customer bit (we can record him saying those lines and I can use them as voice-overs). Another problem I'm having is that the movie will exceed 3 minutes, so i'm cutting some things (like Gao Jie's "how rude" bit, and quite some of the ending where the calculator customer parodies dirty harry. *for this bit I'm not sure which parts to cut though….we didn't get to film the robbery bit because I had to go off. So I really need you to check it out*) As for the commercial screen, can you define what you mean by it exactly and which scene do I slot it in? - Ji Lian
  • Ok, we don't exactly require the 'Welcome to our-'. As for the rest, I'll check tomorrow Lunch. - SienYi
  • Is it possible to reshoot Jack's voice-overs? I'm trying to fit them in right now and I realized that he sounds really weak and pathetic. Also, when can I expect the bg music? - Ji Lian
  • Did I miss anything out in the credits? Any errors? - SienYi


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