Hey hey!

Your netball captain here. :)

Just a short notice for now. I really encourage all of you who signed up for Netball to come for school team trainings, every SATURDAY morning from 8 to 10.30. Training hasn't started just yet, will update when I find out when. This training is really important for everyone, especially the new ones who're interested but do not know how to play. Don't worry. We'll teach you how.

Please attend all school team trainings that are held after school. It doesnt matter if its school team, just come okay? Trainings on Saturday will start soon enough. In about 2 weeks, maybe. :)

So yeap. That's all for now.
If there're any questions, do meet me in school, or email me.

My E-mail : moc.liamtoh|zanilama#moc.liamtoh|zanilama / ym.ude.akapmec|01anilamarun#ym.ude.akapmec|01anilamarun

Thanks a bunch!

Name List For Netball - 2009

Name Class
Nadia Syahirah 1 Cempaka
Tai Kai Xin 1 Cempaka
Chin Siew May 3 Cempaka
Fayla 2 Aqua
Printha 5 Science 3
Jacqueline Ho 4 Science 1
Alexis Lee 4 Science 1
Michelle Wing 1 Cempaka
Shezmeen Harris 4 Science 1
Andrea Tham 5 Commerce
Audrey Ong 4 Science 1
Nabilah 2 Aqua
Ewe Shufei 4 Science 2
Chong Shin Yi 2 Aqua

- Amalina Zainal :)


Number of Players In House Team:
•Maximum of 10 with 7 in play at any one time.

•League System
•2 halves of 10 minutes with a 5 minute break.

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