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This page will list suggestions for songs to use (and modify) during the March Pass routine as well as lyrics for the chants we would use.


* All we need is "Chris Cornell's You know my name", Alica keys, Jack white's "Another way to die", The original James Bond Music for our marching intro, Avenge Sevenfold "Afterlife" for like dancing music(Note watch the music video and full song i mean the MP3 version). also I think we need "Who Are You by The Who". Also Will Smith's "Nod Ya Head". Finally "The Pretender" - Foo Fighters I think? Cause I think this song has a place for the march past. Any ways that's all - khalilul 007
* Well, you gotta remember that all music has to be live. We definitely have to play the iconic riff from 'You Know My Name' to remind the judges that this is Casino Royale. By the way, I have some ideas for the music already. I know we're definitely gonna use Move Your Feet by Junior Senior (needs good bassist and keyboardist). But we'll have a seniors' meeting soon. - TanSienYi

Move Your Feet

Everybody! Stomp your feet and feel united! SE-LA-DANG!
Everybody! Stomp your feet and feel united! SE-LA-DANG! YEAH!

Don't don't don't get in our way, cuz
Se-la-dangs are here to stay, so
Ev-ry-bo-dy let's hear you say,
<All:> C'MON! Seladangs this is our day!

Seniors: Don't stop!
Seniors: Don't stop us winning! Can't stop!
Seniors: Can't stop us winning! Won't stop!
Seniors: Won't stop us winning! <All:> GO!!

Push Push (Lady Lightning)

<Shouting part in PushPushBridge:>
S-E-L-A-D-A-N-G! S-E-L-A-D-A-N-G!

Beat It - For Michael Jackson.- -Check Files>BeatItEdit for how the song goes. Only the Chorus is used. Editing is a bit sloppy though because I have too little time to perfect it.

<Seniors:> (Kami) S'ladang!
<All:> JUARA!!
<Seniors:> S'ladang!
<All:> JUARA!!

Kami akan menang piala!
Semangat kami, tidak pudar!
Tahukah anda, kami siapa?!

<Seniors:> S'LADANG!
<All:> HIDUP!!
<Seniors:> S'LADANG
<All:> MENANG!!

(Repeat Build-up 2 more times))

<All:> S'LADANG!! (immediately after ending of BeatItEdit)

(Note: the (Kami) in the first line will coincide with the 'Just' of the original song. (Kami) is optional. Also, in the BeatItEdit file, there's a 'Just Beat it, beat it, beat it…' at the end. This is not sung in our routine. In fact, all you hear is the chugging of the electric guitar before the final 'S'ladang!!')

General Discussion

  • I was also thinking instead of GO! GO! or BOOM! BOOM! We can use ME-NANG! What do you think? - SienYi
  • Another suggestion for the BM song is the chorus for 'Beat It' (original by Michael Jackson but for March Past we're using the heavier attack of Fallout Boy's cover). Other suggestions include 'Jai Ho' but I feel there's nothing to shout to there. Khalilul wants to stick with last chorus of Mentera Semerah Padi although he's modifying the lyrics to better fit the beat. What do you all think? Please discuss! - SienYi
  • you can youtube this song and see it being played on multiple instruments! but anyway, we could use this song to break our 007formation AND do rollout banner to cover up the messyness of breakout from the 007formsa AND do the 8 medium-sized flag choreography thing. if it appears boring when u visualize it u could actually fit in a chant to make it more lively but the banner would be covering everyone unless u get the cheerleaders to do it…

get what i mean? i strongly suggest we slip in this song because i've asked around, and none of them get the james bond feel from any of the songs we have, even YouKnowMyName isn't as distinct as THE james bond theme played by Monty Norman… especially since the people we are aiming to impress are the judges who usually consist of older people would be more familiar with the good old theme song…

i know the band has alot to learn now itself, but still, consider this song. it'll be easy to even use this as our tanda hormat because the actions would be so classic james bond, you just can't go wrong. what do you guys think? - Catherine

  • The Banner Roll-Up can be done during the guitar intro of Beat It. I'm looking into the James Bond theme now. It's just that it might be difficult for the Band to learn up a new song. Remember that they have very little time to learn up all the songs we need! EDIT: Wow, the James Bond theme is very iconic but it might be pretty difficult for the band to make it sound good! - SienYi


* I'll figure out something soon - Khalilul

We're using…

Pump It Up
Seladang Victory (Say Seladang)
Three Cheers


Strictly no recorded music is allowed for March Pass. Therefore, we need musicians to play during the routine. The big crowd/army will sing/shout along. Right now, we've got plans for some cool songs to use but we need a good band to play them!

Please place your name and respective class in the appropriate section below if you're interested to play any of the following instruments for March Pass. Of course, you have to be quite proficient at your instrument first! Please note that musicians may not have to march on the real day.

Guitarist - Robin Lee
Bassist - Jes Ebrahim
Drummer - Sarah Amanda, Diyana
Keyboardist - Amanda Khoo, Siew May

Stuff to Learn

  • Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche - Intro up to beginning of Verse 1 Riff
  • Push Push Lady Lightning by Bang Camaro - Bridge only (the part where the bass is prominent) - Guitar optional until 0:35 in the PushPushBridge file.
  • Move Your Feet by Junior Senior - Guitar optional or not needed - Keyboard needs programming
  • Beat It by Michael Jackson - Chorus only + Breakdown riff - May follow Fallout Boy cover (difference is the tuning and speed) - Keyboard strings may be used for build-up at the finale
  • You Know My Name by Chris Cornell - Only the FIRST BAR - Violin may be put to good use here.

I'll be posting up edited song files that will sound almost like on the March Past routine. Feel free to download if you want to practice at home!

Who's Playing What…

  • Operation Mindcrime - Robin, Jes, Sarah,
  • You Know My Name - Robin, Jes, Amanda, Sarah, Siew May
  • Move Your Feet - Jes, Amanda, Diyana, Siew May
  • Push Push Lady Lightning - Robin, Jes, Sarah
  • Beat It - Robin, Jes, Amanda (towards the end), Sarah


  • Any questions to ask about the music and songs? - SienYi
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