Please fill up this table in Alphabetical order. The '||' in the Editor represents cell borders.

The 'Joined' column is for you to list what events you have registered for (March Pass does not count) or what events you are captain-ing. The 'Want to Join' column is for you to list what events you are interested to participate in, even if registration is not yet open. It's important to fill up the 'Joined' and 'Want to Join' columns so that we'll know what you can participate in.

We're not putting a field for phone numbers until there's a consensus that it is needed. Please do not spam my or anyone else's e-mail or you will be apprehended for cyber-bullying.

Form 1 / Year 7

Name Class Joined Want to Join E-mail
Ng Kelvin Year 7 Cempaka House Deco - ym.ude.akapmec|31nivlekgn#ym.ude.akapmec|31nivlekgn
Tai Kai Xin F1 Cempaka Handball, Netball House Deco, I-movie moc.liamtoh|nix_iak_iat#moc.liamtoh|nix_iak_iat
Alya Riad F1 Cempaka House Deco, Frisbee, Tug of War I-movie moc.liamtoh|fclb_ayla#moc.liamtoh|fclb_ayla
Tan Yee Leong Form 1 Cempaka - - ym.ude.akapmec|31gnoeleeynat#ym.ude.akapmec|31gnoeleeynat
Kwan Ji Anne Year 7 Cempaka - I-movie ym.ude.akapmec|31ennaijnawk#ym.ude.akapmec|31ennaijnawk
Chang Chin Ter Form 1 Aqua Badminton, Tug of War, Table Tennis, Rugby House Deco, I-movie moc.liamtoh|5002retnihc#moc.liamtoh|5002retnihc
Nadia Syahirah Form 1 Cempaka Athletics, Handball, Netball I-Movie, Frisbee, Tug of War moc.liamtoh|ssnikaidan#moc.liamtoh|ssnikaidan
Christopher Lim Kang Wei Form 1 Aer swimming badminton,tennis ym.ude.akapmec|31iewgnakmil#ym.ude.akapmec|31iewgnakmil

Form 2 / Year 8

Name Class Joined Want to Join E-mail
Erich Lim F2 Terra Water Polo, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee Tug-Of-War moc.liamtoh|milhcire_33x#moc.liamtoh|milhcire_33x
Kwan Ji Lian Year 8 Cempaka House Deco, Chess, Basketball I-movie, Quiz/Debate ym.ude.akapmec|21nailijnawk#ym.ude.akapmec|21nailijnawk
Gan Wei Lik F2 Terra Badminton, House Deco, I-movie moc.liamtoh|59_kiliew#moc.liamtoh|59_kiliew
Naziha Bt. Muhd. Nazeer F2 Terra Fan Club House Deco and I-movie moc.liamtoh|73reezan_zan#moc.liamtoh|73reezan_zan
Malayandi F2 Cempaka Frisbee, Tennis I-movie,Debate, Quiz, Maths Olympiad, House Deco
Ong Wen Ping Year 8 Cempaka Table Tennis iMovie moc.liamg|znexeci#moc.liamg|znexeci

Form 3 / Year 9

Name Class Joined Want to Join E-mail
Ivan Wing 3 Cempaka Swimming, Waterpolo, Volleyball Ultimate Frisbee, I-movie ym.ude.akapmec|11gniwnavi#ym.ude.akapmec|11gniwnavi
Teh Gao Jye 3 Cempaka Frisbee, Tennis, Waterpolo, Softball, Tug-of-War, Cheerleading, I-movie, Olympiad, House Deco!! ym.ude.akapmec|11eyjoaghet#ym.ude.akapmec|11eyjoaghet
Kiu Yik Chiaw 3 Aqua Basketball - ym.ude.akapmec|11waihckiyuik#ym.ude.akapmec|11waihckiyuik
Edward Ting 3 Aqua Badminton, Cpt of Squash, Tug-of-war, Ultimate, 5-a-side, water polo, Chess - moc.liamtoh|ht92noisolpx#moc.liamtoh|ht92noisolpx

Form 4

Name Class Joined Want to Join E-mail
Nur Amalina Zainal Arifin 4Science2 Netball, Handball, Soccer 5-a-side, House Deco, Cheerleading, Athletics, Tug-of-War I-Movie moc.liamtoh|zanilama#moc.liamtoh|zanilama
Ewe Shufei 4Science2 Netball, Waterpolo, Swimming, House Deco, Tug of War iMovie moc.liamtoh|28iefuhs#moc.liamtoh|28iefuhs
Audrey Desiree 4Sc1 Frisbee, House Deco, Netball, Softball, Tennis, Table tennis, iMovie tug-of-war moc.liamtoh|39enilnoyerdua#moc.liamtoh|39enilnoyerdua

Form 5

Name Class Joined Want to Join E-mail
Andrea Tham Wei Lin F5 Commerce Handball, Tennis Netball, Water Polo moc.liamtoh|08_oasik#moc.liamtoh|08_oasik
Catherine Woo Mei Min F5 Sc 2 Fan Club House Deco, i-Movie, Handball moc.liamtoh|evilaztac#moc.liamtoh|evilaztac
David Peters F5 Sc 1 9 a side, badminton, squash, ultimate, softball, chess, Quiz i-Movie moc.liamtoh|132_sretep#moc.liamtoh|132_sretep
Ng Joanne Form 5 Science 2 Badminton, Tennis, Softball, 5 a side, Handball, Table tennis House deco, i movie. ym.ude.akapmec|90ennaojgn#ym.ude.akapmec|90ennaojgn
Jack Chean Sern Jacobs F5 Sc 1 Ultimate Fribee, Badminton Chess, Cheerleading moc.liamg|puosnretnalokcaj#moc.liamg|puosnretnalokcaj
Nazmin Bt. Muhd. Nazeer F5 Commerce Fan Club House Deco and i-Movie moc.liamtoh|reezan_nimzan#moc.liamtoh|reezan_nimzan
TanSienYi F5 Sc1 Captain for Debate, Olympiad, and i-Movie. Ultimate Frisbee moc.liamg|neisiyt#moc.liamg|neisiyt
Anis Nabilla F5 Sc 3 Softball, Cheerleading, Football, Fan Club, Squash I-Movie moc.liamtoh|29sina_lrug#moc.liamtoh|29sina_lrug
Mohamed Shahzan F5 Sc 3 Softball,Football,House Deco,Table Tennis,Rugby and Tug-Of-War I-movie, Tennis moc.liamtoh|2912odlanor#moc.liamtoh|2912odlanor
Nurliyana Zainal F5 Sc 3 Cheerleading, Football, Fan Club, Softball, Squash I-Movie moc.liamg|desiurbyllaciteop#moc.liamg|desiurbyllaciteop or moc.liamtoh|anayi2l_anayil#moc.liamtoh|anayi2l_anayil
Printha Selvadurai F5 Sc 3 Squash, Netball, Waterpolo, Handball, Football, Cheerleading, Athletics I-movie moc.liamtoh|hcp_ahtnirp#moc.liamtoh|hcp_ahtnirp
Yeoh Hsu Yin F5 SC 1 Captain for Swimming, Water Polo Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, House Deco moc.liamtoh|29lrigyretsym#moc.liamtoh|29lrigyretsym
Khalilul "Makata" Rahman bin Mokhtaruddin F5Com March Past Squash, Football, Tug of War i-Movie moc.liamtoh|lulilahk_tnega#moc.liamtoh|lulilahk_tnega
Putri Aleana 'Irina" F5Comm Tug Of war,fanclub I-movie moc.liamtoh|enirzananiri#moc.liamtoh|enirzananiri


'Joined' and 'Want to Join' would refer to the Senior Games Carnival

Name Joined Want to Join E-mail
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