Materials / Costumes

This page is for those who are in charge of making materials and costumes for the March Pass (especially Teachers).



  • Alright here the plan for the costume. -The Form 3's Guys and Girl wear long sleeve White Shirt and wear black comber bun with green lining thing on their waist to resemble Card Dealers. -The Form 4's guys will wear their school uniform but i think have some wear school blazers and some other colour blazers anything lah to resemble the bad guys. As for the form 4 girls wear like a dress lar. -For the Form 5, I think we need 3 guy (me,Sien Yi and ???) wear black tux to resemble James Bond. While the rest of the guys wear any tux to be the bad guys. For the Girls Become Bond Girls, Wear dresses.- So the Form 1 and 2's i am still thinking. -As For the Primary students I'm Thinking they wear like a White T-shirt or wear cut board cut out with Card Symbols on them like Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Ace and Joker. Ok Thats all i got so far. Gimmie your input on this guys. - Khalilul
  • Hey you know what. I was thinking about the March Pass and we both thought about playing cards as a part of the costume! I was thinking about everyone holding large cardboard cards so that we can do card stunts i.e. spelling out letters using the cards. But well… we'll see what we can do. TanSienYi
  • What about the chips? i mean the coins used for casinos, umm i think it would be creative if we could come up with something that gotta do with that, and i think the cards costume could be pretty awesome :D keep the ideas coming guys! - EdwardTing
  • One question…how are girls supposed to march in dresses? won't it look…i don't know…..VERY awkward? Visualize, guys!!!! - Ji Lian
  • I agree with the dress thing. Although the seniors managed to for Masquerade although we wouldn't call that marching per se. We're thinking on that. But for now, the cards costume suits the majority of the marchers (No pun intended!). By the way, I'm working on music to fit in the routine (and on a side-note, the i-Movie ;). Khalilul has some good suggestions so we'll discuss on that. - TanSienYi
  • Dresses aren't a problem in my opinion.why? cause the girls for those who are gonna wear it don't have to like march like other marcher. don't worry i got a plan. And Sien Yi can we have a meeting about this whole marching thing like after swimming gala or before. Not in School-lah we meet somewhere and discuss it like on a Saturday or a holiday day or whatever as long we have this meeting. alrite cheerio -khalilul
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