March Pass

The March Pass is one of the most coveted events in the House Cup. This section is further divided into the pages below.

EDIT: Check out the 25th Anniversary March Past video here. Note that Dr Rizal thought this was one of the best March Pasts the Management has seen in the history of Cempaka. There are a few sync mistakes. Plus some sloppy fidgeting. And notice that some of them were just walking instead of marching. But the huge number of participants (200+) and the loudness and the overall enthusiasm and sense of unity made up for it! Although our squad is gonna be a bit smaller, we should match or even beat that performance!

What is a March Pass?

A March Pass is an event where an army of members from each house march in a selected section of the stadium track and perform a routine in front of the audience and judges. More or less like a mini-parade. The usual metric for judging the March Pass is originality, spirit and loudness!

When is the March Pass?

March Past is on Sunday 26th April. It is the first event of Sports Day.

How can I join the March Pass?

Because we need an army of members, we need as many people as possible. Everyone is therefore automatically a March Pass participant. The more March Pass members, the more likely we are to win!


The March Past Competition is the ninth FHC event and is worth 15%.

The objective is to choreograph and perform a march past routine, in a manner consistent with the
house theme for the year, in as much an impact as possible. Always performed at the start of the Annual
Sports Day.

House march past contingents may be of any size: the bigger the contingent, the more impact it will
have. However, it will be more difficult to train. Smaller contingents, although easier to train, many not
have as much impact. In the past, an ideal number was generally around sixty.
Marchers may be from any level at school.

The Competition
Marchers take turns to march in and perform in front of the Grandstand. Cheras and Damansara tale
turns to lead. Within each campus contingent, order shall follow from the previous year’s FHC competition
standings, with the current FHC holder leading. All houses are generally free to do whatever
they want for this event. However, recorded music/ sound-effects/ commentary of any kind is NOT
permitted and will result in automatic disqualification.

Judging is done by a panel of 8 judges, comprising staff/parents from each of the four Houses. Staff/
parents of any particular house will not be allowed to judge their own house.

Allocation of marks
Grandstand Presentation (singing, etc. Must have at least one song in BM and one in Eng) - 30 marks
Marching (in sync, formation, style, etc) - 25 marks
Appearance (costume creativity, improvisation, etc) - 15 marks
Theme consistency - 15 marks
Overall impact - 15 marks

When calculating the total scores, it is the difference between points given to any particular house
and the house with the lowest marks that will be totaled. The sum of this difference will give the total
score for the House.
The House with the highest score will be declared the winner.

No remnant from the March Past is to be left after the procession, i.e. all materials used must be
cleared from the track. Please be considerate to the houses parading behind you and the runners for
the subsequent track events.
Not clearing up after presentation Penalty: 5 marks from March Past marks

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