Idea Brainstorm

This page is for everyone to brainstorm ideas for the March Pass. In the end though, the seniors will design the final routine, but we might use ideas that you give us.


Note: <fill-ins> are events that are happening for March Pass but we've yet to set their order and their flow.

Intro - March-in to 'Operation Mindcrime'
Tabik/Tanduk Hormat - In-sync with 'You Know My Name' theme
007 Formation - Needs work on choreographing from rectangle formation to 007 formation and back
Move Your Feet - Card turn for 4 beats before chorus - Stomp-clap English song - Card turn requires a close rectangle formation
Banner Roll-Up - Cool surprise event! - Needs work on how to make it flow in the presentation
Push Push Lady Lightning (?) - Possible BM Finale song
<end fill-ins>
Outro - March-out to ThunderNation plus Drum-beat


Intro - to Operation Mindcrime
Tanduk Hormat - 'You Know My Name - Super-Stomp
<space to fill chants>
Rectangle to Close Rectangle - Chant at the same time
Move Your Feet - Card Turn
<space to fill chants>
007 Formation - to Bridge of Push Push - S-E-L-A-D-A-N-G Cheerleader Card-trick
Formation to Rectangle - Needs to be choreographed
BM Finale Song - Needs suggestions and lyrics
Outro - March-out to ThunderNation + Drums

Seniors' Movements have to be choreographed because they have flags.

<Chants being brought back>
- Say Seladang
- Pump it Up
- Three Cheers
- May use - Hidup! and Hot to Go and Rollin

<Other Suggestions>
- Other songs that can be used - 'Famous Last Words', last half of 'One Day More'
- just a stupid suggestion. use -"Time is now"-by john cena as an alternative entrance khalilul


  • If I've missed anything from our previous discussions, add it into the fill-ins or chants. Or discuss about them here. - SienYi
  • Draft 2 is up. Please discuss! If I've left out any ideas from the previous meetings, please post them up. - SienYi
  • <insert discussion>
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