This section covers the coveted i-Movie competition, the final event for the Annual House Cup. You may use the appropriate sections below to contribute ideas and plans for scripts, acting, props, editing etc.




Just to keep you updated if you're very worried, we're almost done! All major editing for Comedy has been completed, and right now Ji Lian is just touching it up before exporting. I've already finished editing the whole Tear-Jerker movie. I'm now doing credits and will soon touch up the music. The movies will be exported to tape this evening.


If you were part of the movie but your name is not in the credits below, please put your name in the appropriate section along with what role you played. Check whether your name is spelled correctly too.

Afiq bin Zainal
Jian Hansha - YES (?)
Kwan Ji Anne
Tan Yee Swen *

Kwan Ji Lian - YES
Ong Wen Ping - YES
Malayandi a/l Palaniappan
Gan Wei Lik
Naziha bt. Muhamed Nazeer *

Teh Gao Jye
Tyen How
Daniel Lim
Ivan Wing
Ramanathan a/l Palaniappan

Alexis Lee
Jude Peters
Andrew Yee (came on set although scene is not used)
Keshava Rajasekaran
Jes Ebrahim

Jack Jacobs
Yeoh Hsu Yin
David Peters
Catherine Woo
Nurliyana binti Zainal
Mohamed Shahzan
Nazmin bt Muhamed Nazeer
Putri Aleana Irina
Andrea Tham
Khalilul Rahman
Thong Jan Yi *

* appeared in a background photo in the Tear-Jerker movie

TOTAL: 31 (Quota fulfilled!)

HORROR - complete!

TEAR-JERKER - Major editing done. Touching up music and doing credits.

COMEDY - Major editing done. Touch-up only.

The i-Movie competition starts and the title is SILK! We have to make three 3-minute movies titled 'Silk': Humour, Tear-Jerker, Spine-Tingler! However, they need not be related to our House Theme, Casino Royale. Get ready for a Lunch meeting on Monday if Seladang's debate is in the morning. I've updated the rules. So keep watch of this page as scenes should unfold quickly once we get our storyboards done!

General Discussion for i-Movie

(The discussion has been moved to the i-Movie General Discussion page)


Please fill up this table below if you're interested to participate. Form 1 students first followed by Form 2, Form 3, Form 4 and then Form 5. Fill up 'Job or Post' with whatever post you are interested to take up. Use either Scriptwriter, Actor/Actress, Editor, Music, Misc (e.g. camera-work, lighting) or General (if you don't mind working in any field).

Also, kindly note that the rules always require a minimum of 3 students from each Level. So, we need a lot of participants to work this out and avoid penalties.

Name Class E-mail Job or Post Interested In
Kwan Ji Anne Year 7 Cempaka moc.liamtoh|69enna_yecart#moc.liamtoh|69enna_yecart Actress
Kwan Ji Lian Year 8 Cempaka ym.ude.akapmec|21nailijnawk#ym.ude.akapmec|21nailijnawk Editor and Misc (Camerawork)
Ong Wen Ping Year 8 Cempaka moc.liamg|znexeci#moc.liamg|znexeci Scriptwriter/ Editor
Naziha Bt.Muhd. Nazeer F2 Terra moc.liamtoh|73reezan_zan#moc.liamtoh|73reezan_zan Actress
Edward Ting F2 Terra moc.liamtoh|ht92noisolpx#moc.liamtoh|ht92noisolpx Actor
Malayandi F2 Cempaka ym.ude.akapmec|21idnayalam#ym.ude.akapmec|21idnayalam Actor
Gan Wei Lik F2 Terra ym.ude.akapmec|21kiliewnag#ym.ude.akapmec|21kiliewnag Actor
Woon Tyen How F3 Cempaka ym.ude.akapmec|11wohneytnoow#ym.ude.akapmec|11wohneytnoow Actor
Alexis Lee F4 Sc 1 ym.ude.akapmec|01uixeuyeel#ym.ude.akapmec|01uixeuyeel Actress, Scriptwriter
Mohamed Shahzan F5 Sc 3 moc.liamtoh|2912odlanor#moc.liamtoh|2912odlanor Actor
Andrea Tham F5 Commerce ym.ude.akapmec|90mahtaerdna#ym.ude.akapmec|90mahtaerdna actress
Khalilul Makata F5 Com moc.liamtoh|lulilahk_tnega#moc.liamtoh|lulilahk_tnega Actor/Idea bringer
Nazmin Bt.Muhd. Nazeer F5 Commerce moc.liamtoh|reezan_nimzan#moc.liamtoh|reezan_nimzan Actress
Catherine Woo Mei Min F5Sc2 moc.liamtoh|evilaztac#moc.liamtoh|evilaztac general/scriptwriting
Putri Aleana Irina F5Comm moc.liamtoh|enirzananiri#moc.liamtoh|enirzananiri actress
Nurliyana Zainal F5 Sc 3 moc.liamg|desiurbyllaciteop#moc.liamg|desiurbyllaciteop or moc.liamtoh|anayi2l_anayil#moc.liamtoh|anayi2l_anayil General
Anis Nabilla F5 Sc 3 moc.liamtoh|29sina_lrug#moc.liamtoh|29sina_lrug General
Printha Selvadurai F5 Sc 3 moc.liamtoh|hcp_ahtnirp#moc.liamtoh|hcp_ahtnirp General
Umar Waqqiuddin bin Johan Zainuddin YR8 Cempaka ym.ude.akapmec|21nidduiqqawramu#ym.ude.akapmec|21nidduiqqawramu actor
Nadia Syahira Form 1 Cempaka moc.liamtoh|ssnikaidan#moc.liamtoh|ssnikaidan actress, scriptwriter.
Audrey Desiree F4Sc1 moc.liamtoh|39enilnoyerdua#moc.liamtoh|39enilnoyerdua General, actress
Alya Riad Form 1 Cempaka moc.liamtoh|doofsevolayla#moc.liamtoh|doofsevolayla Actress
Jacqueline Ho F4Sc1 ym.ude.akapmec|01ohenileuqcaj#ym.ude.akapmec|01ohenileuqcaj General
Michelle Wing F1 Cempaka moc.liamtoh|99-moolb#moc.liamtoh|99-moolb general
Tai Kai Xin F1 Cempaka moc.liamtoh|nix_iak_iat#moc.liamtoh|nix_iak_iat General
Chew Li Ann Year 7 Cempaka moc.liamtoh|eipelppa.nomannic#moc.liamtoh|eipelppa.nomannic general
Amanda Khoo Ai Ling F3 Cempaka moc.oohay|laoohkadnama#moc.oohay|laoohkadnama actress, scriptwriter
Chang Ter Cheng F5 Science 3 moc.liamtoh|592_uoyevoli#moc.liamtoh|592_uoyevoli actress
Ryan Tan Jit Ming Year 7 Cempaka ym.ude.akapmec|31natnayr#ym.ude.akapmec|31natnayr General
Ivan Wing 3 Cempaka ym.ude.akapmec|11gniwnavi#ym.ude.akapmec|11gniwnavi General
Amalina Zainal 4 Science 2 moc.liamtoh|zanilama#moc.liamtoh|zanilama General


The Movie Competition is the tenth and final First House Cup event and is worth 10%.

The objective is to produce three short movies, all with the title “Silk”. Each should last a maximum of 3 minutes, excluding credits. We want works that have high regard for film/video as creative media. We encourage works that display film/video to extreme boundaries - from script writing, directing, camerawork, photography, lighting, video editing and the incorporation of audio and sound effects.
Soundtrack (if any) must be original music composition, i.e. composed by team members, e.g. using GarageBand or Logic. Students may use any software and any platform. Remixes don’t count as original music.

Three Movie Categories
The Categories are designed so that the movie has a specific purpose i.e. to illicit a specific emotional response from the audience.
☺ Humour - The objective of the movie is to make the audience laugh. 
(Note: If using slapstick, be wary of using excessive use).
☹ Tear Jerker - The movie should be able to incite sadness/melancholy.
☠ “Spine-tingler” - The movie should shock/thrill/terrify/horrify the audience-anything that may send shivers down their spine.

Each house production team must comprise a minimum of 18 house members (of which 3 members from any level must be full-time YES members), with at least 3 from each level of the secondary school and may include Primary & A Levels school students. Only Current Cempaka Students may participate. Students may only participate in their own house’s movie.
The same teams may overlap for the movies (or you can have completely different teams for each). The team number requirement will take into account all three movies as a whole.

Judging is done by a panel of 8 judges, comprising house representatives (two from each). 
Age group of judges: 18 - 40, comprising Old Cempakans and Cempaka staff.

Allocation of marks for each movie (TOTAL: 100 marks per judge)
Emotional Impact - 35 marks
How strongly did the movie evoke the required emotion for the category?
Plot structure - 15 marks
Did the movie present an effective arrangement of descriptions, pace and continuity in carrying out its stated purpose?
Creativity - 10 marks
Did the writing & direction utilise imaginative and creative ways to convey its message?
Acting - 10 marks
Technical Proficiency - 20 marks
Was the filming and lighting effective in supporting the movie’s stated objective? Did the audio/sound effects complement the story? Did the editing enhance the pace and flow of the story?
Judge’s overall impression - 10 marks
How strongly did this movie affect you & elicit an emotional response?

Deductions (to be put in effect after all judges’ scores are averaged to 100%).

* Movie length infraction: 2% deduction for every 1 second or part thereof above 3 mins).
* Not meeting minimum house member number (i.e. 18 in total): 5% for every member missing.
* Not meeting minimum YES number: 15% for every YES member missing
* Using members from other Houses: Disqualification.
* Original soundtrack (Music loops prepared in mood templates may not be used. It has to be created from basic loops only. Teams must show original project files of the music created as proof): Infraction: Disqualification.
* Using non-house members (Only current Cempaka students may participate; family members that are not current Cempaka students may NOT participate.): Disqualification. P.S. Khalilul, I asked En Raphael and he said crossovers from Cheras counterparts are not allowed!

Completed movies must be handed in to En Raphael (Dsara) / En Tuah(Cheras) in the form of 2 MiniDV Tapes (both containing the same movie, in SP Mode Standard Definition - as back-up). One of the tapes will be returned later.
(IMPORTANT REMINDER: Save you work periodically!)
Deadline: Noon, Monday 29 June 2009
Late Submission Penalty: 5 marks for every 10 minutes & part thereof after 12.00pm.
All Movie captains are required to attend a briefing of the competition beforehand. They will receive direction and VITAL tips that will assist them in producing the best possible work. They may clarify ANY questions they may have regarding the competition during this briefing. Attendance is COMPULSORY.

All movies will be screened at a School Assembly once judging has been done. The FHC shall be awarded thereafter, followed by the Big Splash for the overall last House.

Categories for Awards
Challenge Trophy and Certificate Award:
CeMA Competition Award: For most total points of all three movies. This score will represent the 10% towards the First House Cup score.

Certificate Awards: (where applicable)
Best Comedy
Best Sad Flick
Best Spine-tingling Flick
Best Actor/Actress
Best Supporting Actor/Actress
Best Moment
Best Screenplay
Best Score
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Jury Award

En Raphael's Tips for Every Student

Audio & Subtitling
We have mentioned this before, and I would like to stress the importance of good quality audio.
Nothing spoils a movie more than your audience spending all their attention and energy trying to
make out what was being said. Where audio is not perfect, we have recommended the use of subtitles.
When using subtitles, be aware of the colour of the font used against the colour of the background.
Avoid using coloured fonts such as red, which will cause ‘bleeding’ into the background
colour. Your subtitles should be clear and easy to read. Do not shy away from the standard fonts
unless it is ABSOLUTELY INTEGRAL to the story.

Another aspect that is continuously overlooked in previous CeMA entries is lighting. Do make
sure that you pay attention to the exposure you use when shooting in very bright or very dark
conditions. You want to capture as much detail as possible - this means you must balance between
grainy footage from too much gain in low light conditions, with overburn footage from high exposures
in bright shooting conditions.

Pay attention to the wardrobe as well, you want to avoid stripes altogether and light colours in
bright shooting conditions. You also want to avoid backlight, where the light source is behind the
subject you are shooting.

Project Management
This will ensure that you maximize the time you have whilst ensuring that the production quality
is not compromised. You should learnt to delegate your work to your team members. Where possible,
form production teams focusing on specific tasks or specific locations.

Unless you happen to be going for a specific look/effect, always use a tripod. You may not notice it
during shooting or even editing, but your audience may be turned off by shaky footage.
Vary your angles. Avoid CCTV shooting. Vary your angles between shots to change the mood
given. There are extensive notes in the Resources bank of the YES group on VLE which gives you
good insight as to basic and advanced shooting methods and picture composition.

If and where possible, add extras to your scenes, this will give your scenes more texture and incease
its authentic feel.

Storyboard & Script
Before you shoot a single frame of footage, it is VITAL to have a script and storyboard prepared.
This will allow you to plan your location shots ahead of time, prepare props and wardrobe, ensure
all your equipment and talent are ready. It also allows you to make sure that you don’t arrive in
the “OH MY GOD I FORGOT THAT SCENE” scenario. Planning your locations ahead of time
should include back up plans in case your location is not available suddenly when you arrive.
It also helps your whole team to be on the same page, thus increasing artistic direction within the
production. And remember, a movie is only as good as the script! So please pay special attention
to your script and plot.

Before you begin actual shooting, it is a good practice to run a test of your editing flow. Shoot a
few seconds of footage using the camera you intend to use, capture it using the computers and
software you intend to use, and print to tape. This is good practice to avoid any unnecessary redesign
of the workflow, in the middle of he production, which you DO NOT WANT.

Transitions are pretty and most editing software out there will have a plethora available to the
editor. Remember though, the transitions WILL affect your tempo and impact, so choose your
transitions (if you plan to use any) wisely. Avoid trying to use EVERY SINGLE TRANSITION
available. It does NOT impress the judges that you have all 6,000 transitions in your movie.

Leave plenty of time for rendering. Many first time editors tend to be caught out by the amount of
time is needed for rendering. The amount of time needed for rendering varies between systems
and applications used, so you should test this during your test work flow stage.

Score for the movie MUST be original. You may use ONLY basic loops when preparing your
score. Template loop combos are not allowed. When submitting, we will want to see the original
project folder of your score as well. This is a compulsory requirement and constitutes part of the
actual submission. Submission will not be deemed complete without this.

Submissions should be in Standard Definition format, in 16:9 aspect ratio. When submitting your
work, please ensure that both tapes comply to these requirements and are recorded in Short Play

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