House Theme

After a meeting with some seniors and teachers, we have finally chosen our House Theme:


Thank you to those who have participated in this discussion! Expect more discussions like this in other aspects of our battle for the First House Cup in the future!

Note that our second choice was Music but apparently Beruang Cheras had already done this a few years ago.

What is a House Theme?

We have to settle on a House Theme in our battle for the House Cup 2009. Every House has to have a Theme. This theme will be used for the March Pass, House Deco, and i-Movie competitions.

Suggestions List / Discussion

Discussion for choosing the House Theme is CLOSED. We have our House Theme already! Now, we can pool in ideas on how to execute this theme in the three events: House Deco, March Pass and i-Movie.

Please follow this format when discussing:

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  • 'blah blah blah discussion blah blah' - Person'sName
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  • Alright since the theme is Casino Royale. I got a good idea how the march past going to be. Seriously after the holiday Sien Yi hold a meeting for this i'll show you what i got in mind. khalilul 007
  • By Casino Royale…does that mean we have to do the i-Movie a la "James Bond" style, then? or just use the spy concept? Ji Lian
    • Not necessarily. We can call a place Casino Royale where a major plot point occurs and it'll still qualify. - TanSienYi
  • Okay… i never thought this would be the theme but i guess its up to u guys! anyway, i think it will be a blast, well lets hope for it :P Edward
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