House Deco

This section covers the House Decoration competition. You may use the appropriate sections below to contribute ideas and plans.

Discussion is now open. House theme is 'Casino Royale'.


UPDATE: Ok. We seniors have done a quick meeting today for House Deco and we've got our gameplan all set! We'll fill you in with the details soon but for a teaser, it's going to be a mini-'casino' complete with huge '007 CASINO' tin-can sign, fun games for the judges, as well as (get this) a 45-second choreographed gunfight!

Once we put up the details, we'll open up a discussion and we've to get the materials and props ready.


Here are all the measurements that David Kam has taken for us. Thank him very much! Note that we're only taking one side of the pavilion as we are sharing it with Seladang Cheras.

You can guess which ones are pillars and which ones are stairs. Not drawn to scale. All values are in cm.


Also, Height of whole pillar = 350cm
Height of green portion of pillar = 300cm

He also notes if we intend to use electrical appliances, that there are available plug points on the Cheras side of the pavilion!

Materials / Props


Please place your name beside the material that you are bringing. This is for us to make sure that everything is brought nice and well. We can have multiple names beside one material if more than one person is bringing that thing. You can put notes in brackets beside your name.

1. Cardboard Boxes (15)
2. Cans - Sien Yi (estimated 280 cans)
3. Paint (White, Black, Green):
* Spray paint
* Mural paint
4. Brushes (Big, Small, Rollers) - Ji Lian (one medium/biggish one and the rest are pretty small)
5. Measuring tape - Sien Yi
6. Blades & Scissors - Sien Yi (only scissors though)
7. Tapes:
* Masking - Ji Lian (bringing 2 only though)
* White
* Double-sided - Sien Yi (Two types: Strong black one is running out though)
* Transparent - Sien Yi, Ji Lian (just two)
8. Styrofoam cutter + Batteries
9. Newspapers - Sien Yi, Ji Lian (only a few)
10. Tissue roll
11. PVA Glue - Ji Lian (but it RESEMBLES PVA….not really sure what it is…But i'll still bring it whatever the case)
12. Stationery (Eraser, ruler, pencil, markers) - Sien Yi, Ji Lian
13. Tools:
* Screws
* Steel Nails
* Hammer
* Wheel Bolt + washers - Sien Yi
14. Drinks + Snacks + Ice box + Ice - Ji Lian (only the Icebox and the ice. Not the food.)
15. Bucket
16. Ladder

If you have any materials you think should be brought, but is not listed here, feel free to add it in.

Please follow this format when discussing:

  • 'blah blah blah discussion blah blah' - YourName

And if you want to reply to a previous person's statement:

  • 'blah blah blah discussion blah blah' - Person'sName
    • 'blah blah blah reply blah blah' - YourName

General House Deco Discussion

  • What are our colors this year? [And please, please take me away from tennis to do house deco. =) ] - <Alexis>
    • Our colors are green, black and something else. Jane? - SienYi
  • I just got word that we may not be able to use the sharpener thing for the Wheel (because of the material restriction). Mr Alvin is thinking of a way to make it spin. Any ideas? We're desperate! Oh, and since toy guns can't be used, I suggest we make cheesy newspaper guns. - SienYi
    • Never mind, I have tested it and can now make it work using stuff found in a toolbox (i.e. a bolt and a few washers). - SienYi
  • Guys do you want some glass bottles? cause i got some 5 of them around. and i got an idea, use bottle caps as playing chips. Also why not do a craps table instead? Finally do a small mini bar around the corner, its just a suggestion. -khalilul
    • I'm afraid we can't add glass bottles as we have tin cans as our one recycling item. The material restrictions are pretty strict. And we have our whole gameplan set so we can't really add more. But it's pretty ambitious right now, and we will have to be super-efficient to pull it off within the 5 hours! - SienYi
    • hehe alright bro you're the boss. I'll pray to god to make sure you guys to win house deco cheers!.- khalilul


[I grabbed this straight from the official rules they sent me]

The House Decoration Competition is the sixth FHC event and is worth 5%.

The objective is to decorate the allocated house tent, in a manner consistent with the house theme for
the year, in as thrifty a way as possible. Must be water-proofed, as it is to last for the whole Games
Carnival period. However, marks are awarded based on decoration on the first day.

Houses work in teams of fifteen students (three from each year of the Secondary School, House Decoration Captain included) and two (Dsara) / three (Cheras) teacher volunteers, belonging to the respective houses. No substitutions are allowed mid-way.

The School will provide the following items. Each House is to contribute RM120.00 from their house
funds towards this:
i. Styrofoam (3 pieces@2’x4’x1”)
ii. Rafia string, according to house colour (2 big rolls)
iii. Plain canvas (5 metres)
iv. Plastic sheeting, for waterproofing
v. Garbage bags, for clearing rubbish only
vi. ONE other item, which shall only be revealed at the competition.

Each House may bring the following:
i. Toolbox, containing adhesives (eg masking tape, cellophane tape, glue), paintbrushes, hammer,
nails, stapler, screwdriver, scissors, spanner, measuring tape)
ii. Newspapers, no limit
iii. Cardboard boxes, max. 15 boxes
iv. Paint, of any sort. However, only House colour and 2 other colours are permitted. May mix to get
other shades.
v. ONE Recycled item only, eg gunny sacks, coconut shells, egg trays, leaves/twigs

The Competition
From 8.00am to 1.30pm, only participants, judges and designated Sports Department staff shall be
allowed on the field.

Participants assemble by the 100m track on the Cempaka Cheras field with their items. Here, additional
items are allocated to each House. The ‘mystery item’ for the year is revealed.

The competition starts. As soon as the whistle blows, participants cross the field with their items and
set up base at their allocated tent. House plans are drawn up. Decoration works may start at anytime.

House plans are submitted to the Sports Department staff in charge (may not be retracted). Any conflict
of ideas arising during the course of competition will be settled by referring to these plans.

Decoration works stop promptly when final whistle is blown. Judging commences. House plans are submitted to the Sports Department staff in charge (may not be retracted).

Judging is done by a panel of 8 judges, comprising staff/parents from each of the four Houses. Staff/
parents of any particular house will not be allowed to judge their own house.

Allocation of marks
Presentation - 25 marks
Theme consistency - 25 marks
Creativity in using materials listed - 15 marks
Creativity in using mystery item - 15 marks
Overall impact - 20 marks

When calculating the total scores, it is the difference between points given to any particular house
and the house with the lowest marks that will be totaled. The sum of this difference will give the total
score for the House.

The House with the highest score will be declared the winner.

Houses will be penalised for:
i. Not clearing up after initial House Decoration competition (must be before judging commences)
Penalty: 5 marks from House Decoration marks
ii. Not clearing up after Games Carnival (anytime before Annual Sports Day)
Penalty: 10 marks from Games Carnival marks

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