Hey people :)

As Handball captain, I would really strongly advice those of you who have signed up for Handball to come for school team trainings. Even the teachers said that this is more advisable especially to those of you who have absolutely NO idea or does NOT know the full rulings for Handball. The trainings will definitely teach you the right technique and tips on how to play this game properly. Trainings are on every Monday and Wednesday from 3.30 p.m till 5 p.m. Please come if you can :)

And please, you don't have to be shy. Everyone was once a beginner!

If you have anything you want to ask me, call me or e-mail me :D
my number : 016-3288208
e-mail : ym.ude.akapmec|90mahtaerdna#ym.ude.akapmec|90mahtaerdna

Seladang Handball (girls) '09 listunderline text
1. Jo Anne
2. Diyana
3. Shezmeen
4. Amalina
5. Printha
6. Farah Ellyza
7. Mei Zhi
8. Tan Jazelle
9. Tai Kai Xin
10. Nadia Syahirah
11. Nazmin
12. Catherine Woo
13. Hsu Yin

those of you who still wants to sign may do so right here :) please leave me your contact number as well if you do. thank you!


Number of Players In House Team:
•Maximum of 10 players (7 in play at any one time)

•Two halves of 10 minutes, with no half-time; rolling substitutions

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