Games Carnival

This section covers all events of the Games Carnival, our annual mass sports event. You may use this page to contribute ideas and strategies as well as for captains to post up notices for practices etc.

Note, this also includes the Senior Games Carnival. So Teachers, please help in the effort!

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Official Schedule

This is the latest information we can get for the Games Carnival Schedule. This was deduced from the VLE and from the 2008 Schedule which is still on the school website, En Nizan has told us that the schedule for Games Carnival 2009 would be the same as last year's.

Please note that this schedule is not accurate! For example, House Deco and Tennis will be on the same day. We'll update this as soon as we get better information but for now, this is only an approximate guide.

I've got the confirmed groupings for the Games Carnival! As I do not have the schedule yet, the Days may not be accurate though. This is now the official schedule. Unless otherwise noted, the sports that are split between Boys and Girls are on the same day. All Games Carnival rules are the same from previous years except Tennis, which would be different in terms of the scoring system (will be announced soon).

Day 1

31st March - Tuesday

  • House Deco
  • Squash
  • Tennis

Day 2

3rd April - Friday

  • Handball
  • Softball
  • Badminton (Boys)

Day 3

4th April - Saturday

  • Basketball Boys
  • Volleyball
  • Ultimate
  • Soccer 5-a-side (Girls)

Day 4

6th April - Monday

  • Soccer 9-a-side
  • Soccer 5-a-side (Boys)
  • Netball
  • Badminton (Girls)

Day 5

7th April - Tuesday

  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Water Polo
  • Basketball Girls (NEW)

Other Days

8th-9th April - Wednesday & Thursday

  • Chess - after school

22nd April - Sports Day Rehearsal

  • Cheerleading

Team Managers

Each games team is assigned a teacher as a 'Team Manager'. They're just for making sure all the team members are present and organized at the playing area before the game. That doesn't mean that they aren't your number 1 supporters too! Captains and players please take note:

Day Event Team Manager
Tuesday - 31/3 Squash Mr Giva
Tennis Cik Hylesa
House Deco Cik Mastina, Mr Kumara
Friday - 3/4 Softball Mr Mofrad
Handball Cik Hylesa
Badminton (Boys) Pn Noor Jamalia
Saturday - 4/4 Basketball (Boys) Pn Jamaliah
Soccer 5-a-side (Girls) Cik Mastina
Volleyball Pn Jamaliah
Ultimate Mr Alvin
Monday - 6/4 Soccer 9-a-side Mr Kumar
Netball Cik Zainab
Soccer 5-a-side (Boys) Ms Tok
Badminton (Girls) Ms Rani
Tuesday - 7/4 Basketball (Girls) Pn Noor Jamalia
Water Polo Cik Zainab
Rugby Mr Alvin
Table Tennis Mr Giva
Wed & Thu - 8/4-9/4 Chess Mr Mofrad

(And in the e-mail in which he sent me this list, Mr Alvin wrote: "SELADANG going to be CHAMPION for all evens. YES ! ! !")

General Rules

[Grabbed straight from the official Rules given to me]

Games Carnival now counts for 25% for the House Cup instead of 15%.


Players may be chosen from all levels of the Secondary School (no Primary School students are allowed)
. List (and line-up sequence, where applicable) of players must be given 15 minutes before play
is to start and may NOT be changed after this for ANY reason. This list will then be applicable to ALL
matches during the Carnival. Positions in a team game (eg netball, football, etc) may change.
Any one player may only participate in no more than FIVE events and only ONE SPORT from each
(Cheerleading and Chess do not count as one of these five events as they are held at a different time). If a player is found to participate in more than five events or more than one sport from any one group, the House will have to forfeit ALL events involved. Venues and times will be released. Please make sure that your players are aware the venue(s) of their sport(s). Disqualification of late players will be at the discretion of the respective referee/umpire.


All players must be in sports attire: house t-shirts (where the only alteration allowed is the addition of jersey numbers) and sports shoes for netball, badminton, table-tennis, squash, tennis, softball, volleyball and ultimate. NO other house jerseys may be worn for these events. Optional house jerseys (if
available, must be worn by ALL members) may be worn for soccer, 5-a-side soccer, handball, rugby
and basketball. Otherwise, sports attire must be worn for ALL matches on all days (except for Chess,
where players must wear school uniform with a tie, and Cheerleading. Refer to respective sections).
Any player not adhering to this rule will be refused play.
After their match, players may only change into a school-issued t-shirt. No casual clothes allowed.
Infraction: 1 mark per student per day.
If there is no school t-shirt available in any one student’s size, the House Captain must inform the
Head of Sports no later than ONE WEEK before the scheduled game. In these cases, the student is
allowed to wear an all-white t-shirt. After this, permission will not be granted and the player will not
be allowed to play without a house t-shirt. Infraction: Match forfeiture.
Boots, running spikes and any other shoes with studs/spikes are, under ANY circumstances, prohibited from use on the tennis and basketball/volleyball hardcourts.
Infraction: Disqualification of his/her house for all sports he/she has been registered for at the Games Carnival.
Supporters must be in House Sports Attire or School Uniform. Infraction: 1 mark per student per day.
The Games Carnival is a (closed) private school event. Strictly no outsiders allowed.
Infraction: 10 marks per outsider deducted from the House of the responsible student, in addition to school disciplinary measures.


Appeals against any decision must be made within an hour of the incident and in writing, addressed
and handed to the Head of Co-curricular Activities. The Sports Committee shall meet within 24 hours
and its decision is final.


1st Place: 60 points per sport
2nd Place: 45 points per sport
3rd Place: 30 points per sport
4th Place: 15 points per sport

Fan Club

(Excludes Squash / House Deco & Cheerleading days)

All House members are encouraged to participate in the Carnival, either as players or as supporters.
There are 15 marks available for each day of the Games Carnival for house spirit (5), banner (5) &
props (5). Any display of poor sportsmanship (booing, derogatory remarks, etc): Minimum deduction of 5 fan club points per count. In serious cases, a more severe penalty will be imposed by the Sports Committee.

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