Number of Players In House Team:
•Minimum 10, maximum 16. May comprise both boys and girls. Spotters allowed.

•Each team will perform a routine that does not exceed 5 minutes, utilising jumps, chants, stunts,
cheers, creativity to demonstrate its style and expertise.

Each team's routine must be within the time limit of 5 minutes. There must be no more than 3
minutes of music and the routine must include at least one cheer or one sideline chant. The team's
name will first be announced to allow it to take its position on the floor. Once a team is in position
and its name is announced again, timing will begin with the first official movement or voice in unison,
or the first note of the music, whichever comes first. In keeping with the spirit of the tournament,
spirited entrances and exits are permitted and are not timed. If a team exceeds a time limit, a penalty
can be assessed for each violation. (Because penalties are severe, it is recommended that all teams time
their performance on several occasions prior to attending the competition.)

Beginning of routine:
The routine must begin within the stipulated performance area. Teams are
allowed to set up various props, signs and pompons prior to the start. A team is NOT allowed to begin
its routine in a pyramid or stunt. All performances must begin with each participant having at least
one foot on the floor. Both feet leaving the performing surface constitute the beginning of the timed
portions. Spotters are not allowed in the performance area at the beginning of the routine.

The routine :
Chants, spell-outs, etc. are considered part of the routine and are timed as part of the
performance. Cheers must be clean and without explicit language. Only splits, rolls and gymnastics
comprising round-offs, handsprings, tucks, cartwheels and backbends are allowed. Dangerous stunts
like mid-air somersaults/flips are prohibited. Basket tosses are allowed but are subject to the "2-high"
height limit. Tumbling over/under an individual or a prop is not permitted. Mascots are not allowed
during the routine. Music and dance steps may be incorporated with the routine but must not exceed
3 minutes. The music can be in segments throughout the routine or played at one time. Teams are
required to produce two (2) copies of their music on CD - the one that will be used and a back up. A
representative from each squad must start and stop its music.

Interruption of performance :
In the event the presentation of any team must be interrupted because
of failure of the tournament equipment, facilities, etc., the team affected will be allowed to continue
from where it stopped or present its routine from the beginning. In the event the presentation of any
team must be interrupted because of failure of the team's own equipment or supplies, the team must
either continue the presentation or withdraw from the competition. In the event that an injury causes
the presentation of a team to be interrupted, the team must either continue the presentation or withdraw from the competition. The organisers reserve the right to stop the presentation due to injury if it is deemed necessary.

Performance area :
Teams are NOT allowed outside of the stipulated performance area after the routine
has begun. A representative from each squad must clean the performance area after a routine.

Outfits : Outfits must be decent and not suggestive or provocative. Low-cut necklines, sheer and
midriff-baring outfits are NOT allowed. Tights, whether knee or full-length, must be worn underneath
the cheerleading skirt. Cheerleading skirts must not be shorter than 6 inches above the knee.
Safety hazards such as glitter, tassels, pockets, ties, baggy clothing, ribbons, aprons, bibs, etc. may be
deemed as rule infractions. There will be no extra marks awarded for elaborate and expensive outfits;
thus these are discouraged. House t-shirt as tops is sufficient, if so desired. Judges will look for neatness, presentability and creativity in improvisation when allocating marks for appearance.

Hair, Accessories and Make-up :
Hair must be securely tied away from the face and must be kept above the shoulders. Hair accessories must be flat and safe. Bobby pins and barrettes may be used but floppy ribbons, hard clips, etc. may be deemed illegal. Jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings) should be removed, except religious or medical medals, which should be taped to the body. Whistles are considered jewellery unless used as a signalling device at which time it becomes a prop. Make-up, if used, must be light and natural. Body glitter, body jewels and body paint is NOT allowed. Shoes should have smooth, curved edges and laces MUST be securely tied with the ends tucked away.

Only selected props are allowed, e.g. pompons, hoops, placards, banners, signs, megaphones,
and batons. Any intended use of unlisted props must be referred to the committee. Strictly NO percussion instruments, confetti, glitter dust, whistles, rhythmic gymnastic props, umbrellas, minitrampolines, fireworks, releasing of balloons or animals are allowed. A sign that has glitter that is
sealed by the laminate or other means is permitted.

End of routine:
Timing will stop when a squad comes to a stationary position and a designated member
of the squad signals the timekeeper verbally or with a wave. The routine MUST end in the stipulated

Point deductions:
A penalty will be deducted from your final score for each rule infraction. Penalty depends on the severity
of the infraction.

Sportsmanship/technical fouls/team fouls:
In an attempt to maintain a spirit of sportsmanship and integrity during the heat of competition, the
organisers have adopted a code of conduct that is applicable to all cheerleaders, coaches and fans.
Scholastic athletics is based on the celebration of athletic skill and effective teamwork. There is no
place for negative comments directed at or about fellow athletes, teams or coaches. Any form of baiting
or taunting, whether intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule, or demean others under any
circumstances is discouraged and Houses guilty of this will be penalised accordingly or disqualified.

Judging :
Marks are allocated as follows: Choreography (35%), Skill Performance (25%), Timing &
Coordination (25%), Audience Impact (10%) & Appearance (5%).

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