A General Intro

The male and female captain of this year's badminton team are Jack and Jan Yi. Have fun suffering with them.

The current plan is to try out people and see who can and cannot play, has decent strength, able to lob, and do basic hits, bla, bla, bla, and this will occur in the two weeks before CNY. Hopefully. And after CNY, we intend to only have the people who are likely to be able to make it for the team, because we have trouble having enough courts (only 3 at any practice for both dudes and girls teams). We don't really have the time to train people from scratch so sorry about that.

The format for Games Carnival is in fact to have 3 singles and 2 doubles. The order of playing is; 1st Singles, 2nd Singles, 1st Doubles, 2nd Doubles and finally 3rd Singles. It's best of three games for each singles/doubles match and it's new format, 21-points. If you dont know the rules, google it and read up. I expect you to already know the rules, and that will affect how gosu we think you are. The winner of best of 5 wins, and goes on to play in the final, the losing team plays for 3rd place.

So we need a MINIMUM of 4 non-subs, to completely fill the players, and a MAXIMUM of 7. There'll definitely NOT be 7 main players unless there are a lot of gosu players around here. There will be subs (substitutes), but subs MOST PROBABLY won't get to play, though you might, and you could get a free medal :D.

GL and HF for tryouts.


Practices will be announced here, chances are they will start 2 or 3 weeks before CNY, and they will be had either at Jan Yi's apartment or the community hall in our chopped-up field.

Badminton boys, under Jack, will have a practice in the community center in the field from 3.40 to 5 on FRIDAY on the 16th of Jan. Meet at the yellow dustbin on the link bridge where the class lists are, opposite the guard's table.

Signupped people's list



Number of Players In House Team:
•Maximum of 10

Play is in the following order, where possible. (However, this may be changed in the interest of keeping
tie going as quickly as possible):
-1st Singles
-2nd Singles
-1st Doubles
-2nd Doubles
-3rd Singles
•Rally Point Scoring system.
•Each boys’ match and girls’ doubles is best of 3 sets, up to 21 points. Deuce is at 20 - all and the side
that scores two consecutive points first wins. At 29 - all, the side that wins the next point (ie scores 30
points first) wins.
•Should there be a third set, court change occurs at 11 points .
•The first house to win 3 matches wins the tie. After the tie is won, remaining matches (if any) need
not be played.

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